Hello! My name is Emily Price, I’m a PhD Candidate in medieval literature at the CUNY Graduate Center, lecturer in literature and writing at Queens College, and freelance writer everywhere. My research interests lie in digital humanities, medieval science, manuscript studies, and affect theory. Previously, my work has centered on a range of manuscripts including bestiaries, scientific miscellanies, and most recently a 15th-century French copy of the Regime du Corps. Currently, I am writing a dissertation about the representation of melancholy in medieval English literature, a project which brings together ecocriticism, disability studies, and affect theory to demonstrate the multivalence of medieval perspectives on mental experience.

I am an instructor of record at Queens College in Flushing, NY, where I teach writing and literature. I also designed and produced a podcast about medievalism in the modern world, which released in early 2022.

In addition to my work as a medievalist, I am a freelance writer working on cultural criticism and new media, including writing about games and film. I am a columnist at Unwinnable Magazine writing about the intersections between media and time. I am also an editor for Haywire Magazine. A complete list of my freelance work can be found on the Portfolio page. If you wish to contact me for a project, you can email me at eaprice.111@gmail.com.

Recent Events:

Presenter, ICMS 2022. “The Green Knight and Transference” in “The Green Knight (2021): Key Critical Perspectives”. 9 May, 2022.

Presenter and Co-Chair, Pearl Kibre Medieval Study Conference, “Experiencing Medievalisms: Getting Medieval in a Changing World.” 7 May 2021.

Presenter and Co-Chair, CUNY ESA Conference, “Approaches to the Apocalypse”. 12 March 2021.

Panelist, “Portfolio Showcase” event in the CUNY Graduate Center English Department’s “Friday Forum” series. “Madness and Life Writing in Medieval European Literature.” 13 September 2019.

Presenter, Fan Cultures and the Premodern World Conference, Oxford University. “‘Everything is a Little More Complex Than That’: Medievalism and Representation in Actual-Play Podcasts.”  7 July 2019.

Upcoming Events:

Presenter, ICMS 2023. “Melancholy Digestion and Incorporation in Late Medieval English Poetry.” 11-13 May 2023.