This is a collection of my freelance work as an essayist. I publish critical work at a number of outlets and I am a columnist at Unwinnable Magazine, a contributor at Paste Magazine, and an editor at Haywire Magazine. My writing focuses on new media, cultural criticism, and connecting premodern scholarship to modern media and society. For inquiries, you can contact me at eaprice.111@gmail.com.

You can see a collection of my public-facing academic work, reviews, and research publications under the “Research” tab above.

Selected Publications:

Paste Magazine:

We Are OFK and the Seamless Game– 2022

A meditation on branding and millenial art combining in the album/game crossover We Are OFK.

Pentiment Review: Everything is Illuminated-2022

A review of the medieval-inspired point-and-click game, contextualizing its musings on art and translation of medieval frameworks to a modern audience.

Bloomsday Open Up on A Place To Land– 2022

Album review of Bloomsday’s debut EP A Place to Land.

Unwinnable Magazine (ongoing column):


An examination of the first three episodes of Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal alongside works of hypertext fiction.

Cheap Machines- 2022

A survey of narratives about debt in point-and-click adventure games, including NORCO, Disco Elysium, and Kentucky Route Zero.

Additional Publications:

NORCO Review: A Deep South Dystopia About Mundane, Corporate Evils– The Washington Post, 2022

A review of the point-and-click text adventure game NORCO for Launcher at the Washington Post.

A Tourist in the City of Tears Systems, Sickness, Solidarity, 2022

A meditation on pandemic guidelines through a setting in the soulslike Hollow Knight. Published as part of Critical Distance’s Pandemics and Games Essay Jam.

The Green Knight Review – Strange Horizons, 2021

Review of The Green Knight by A24 for Strange Horizons, 2021.

Too Human – Heterotopias Magazine, 2021

Feature story in Heterotopias 008: Subject to Power on Cloud Gardens and the apocalypse.

Your Dearest Kin Below the Skin: Liquidity in Hades – Unwinnable Magazine, 2021

Cover story for Unwinnable Magazine, May 2021. An investigation of how the liquids of the roguelite Hades tie its story and gameplay together.

Astrologaster Review – Fanbyte, 2021

A review of the game Astrologaster, and an overview of astrological medicine and the state of representing pre/early modern medical practice.

Only Connect – Uppercut Magazine, 2020

A retrospective of Thousand Threads, an indie game with networking mechanics that emphasize making lasting connections with the game world, and how that world is shaped by the game’s handling of violence and unoccupied space.

Mad At School – Into the Spine, 2020

An exploration of the purpose of ultra-hard modes in games, through the eyes of a new professor playing a game whose main character is a new professor.

Reading the Physician – Synapsis Journal, 2019

An overview of my research at the Morgan Library in 2019, in which I discuss the Regime du Corps, a medieval medical compendium, and what its illustrations say about the relationship between physicians and their books, and about popular imaginings of doctors as repositories of knowledge.

Assorted Reviews in Exploits Magazine:

Review of The Chair- Issue 43.

Review of The French Dispatch- Issue 47.

Review of Starstruck Season 2- Issue 50

Blurb of Acts of Service– Issue 51