Currently, I am a graduate teaching fellow at Queens College in Flushing, NY. I have taught three consecutive semesters of English 110, a composition course designed to introduce students across disciplines to the fundamentals of academic writing. I teach this course as an OER (open-educational resource) course, meaning that students can access all materials online at no cost to them. I have also taught British Literature, 900-2020 (English 151), Writing About Literature: Speculative Fictions (130), and Introduction to Narrative Nonfiction (161). I have taught course sections focused on the internet, sci-fi, and the nonfiction essay.

I see college writing as a process of exploration and growth. Therefore, my pedagogy is student-centered, with a mind toward accessibility, and is focused around stressing the importance of creativity and allowing space for individual voice in a format that can often be seen as restrictive. Teaching college writing and literature has been one of the unexpected joys of my graduate experience, and I look forward to further expanding my repertoire of taught courses in years to come.

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